Transits represent the movement of the planets, subsequent to birth, through the 12 signs. For example, a planet like Saturn takes about 30 years, which means it will conjoin every planet in the birth chart during this time period. In this module we focus on the outer planets, from Jupiter to Pluto, because they are related to developments in our lives which are easily recognizable and can last up to a year or more.

People really feel the effect of transits. What is more, they are easy to follow using a planetary ephemeris, which at this stage is definitely worth acquiring, or an astrology program. The effects of Jupiter and Saturn are cyclical and developmental, whilst the effects of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto are incredibly powerful, unique and life-changing.

You will learn about the different planetary cycles, their duration and effect, and we’ll look at how famous people in history have gone through major predictable change under the influence of transits.

For the astrology student, transits are the icing on the cake. When transits are understood, accurate predictions can be made, and we can learn how to understand what is happening to us, and what is the best course of action.

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Hi, I’m Adrian, and my mission is to make quality astrology available to as many people as possible worldwide. Astrology is a brilliant tool for understanding yourself and other people, and for gaining insight into what is going on in the world around you.I want you to master this tool.I’ve been working full time with astrology for 30 years. I’m a regular speaker at major conferences such as United Astrology Congress (UAC) in the US, and the Astrological Association in Britain. I’ve written two books: Doing Time on Planet Earth and Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment, designed the World of Wisdom horoscope interpretation programs, and had my own astrology school for seven years. My astrology programs and reports are sold in 12 languages all over the world. My latest development is the Horoscope Interpreter App – available for iPhone and iPad from App Store. You’ll find that useful for these courses!

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