You have learned about the 12 signs and about the Sun, Moon and Planets, so you know the major cosmic players and how they are modified by the Signs they are in. With this knowledge you know about two things: character and behavior.

But where exactly does this behavior play itself out? The playground is described by the 12 Houses of the horoscope. Whilst the 12 signs color behavior, the 12 Houses show what happens and where. To calculate the 12 Houses, you need the exact time and place of birth, which is unique for every single individual on Earth. That is why the personal horoscope with planets, signs and houses is like a cosmic fingerprint.

If you can read this fingerprint – the personal horoscope – you can learn where to apply talents and where, specifically, problems will arise. Just knowing the house position of Saturn for example will show the specific area in life you will experience your greatest challenges in life.

Follow the video and learn what each of the 12 houses mean for you and for the people you know.

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Adrian Duncan

Hi, I’m Adrian, and my mission is to make quality astrology available to as many people as possible worldwide. Astrology is a brilliant tool for understanding yourself and other people, and for gaining insight into what is going on in the world around you.I want you to master this tool.I’ve been working full time with astrology for 30 years. I’m a regular speaker at major conferences such as United Astrology Congress (UAC) in the US, and the Astrological Association in Britain. I’ve written two books: Doing Time on Planet Earth and Astrology: Transformation and Empowerment, designed the World of Wisdom horoscope interpretation programs, and had my own astrology school for seven years. My astrology programs and reports are sold in 12 languages all over the world. My latest development is the Horoscope Interpreter App – available for iPhone and iPad from App Store. You’ll find that useful for these courses!

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