The horoscope contains a massive amount of information – the trick is to focus on what really counts. Of the three most important factors, which are the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, it is the Ascendant which is the most personal, because it is determined by the exact time and place of birth. The 12 Houses are determined through the position of the Ascendant, and knowing how planets in signs work in the Houses is the key to an accurate interpretation.

The Ascendant and the planet that rules the Ascendant are therefore the starting points for the consultation. This shows our trajectory in life and the actual circumstances we find ourselves in – our lifestyle and the way we project ourselves on the world stage.

Then we might look at the Sun to get a picture of who we feel we are (through its House position and Aspects) followed by the Moon, its sign, house position and aspects, to understand how we express our attachment needs. When it comes to mentality, Mercury describes how we think and learn. Venus describes who and what we are attracted to – our love life. Mars describes, through sign and aspect, what we want and how we get it.

It gets complicated. Marriage is shown by the 7th House, and the planet that rules the 7th house (and where it is placed in the horoscope) shows who we might find, and where we might find him or her. Venus just shows our romantic needs – the condition of the 7th House must also be taken into account.

For a deep understanding of the psychological issues illustrated by the chart, planetary aspects are the key to energy flow. This is where we can see behavior and understand the actual reasons why people do what they do, as well as the consequences.

In this module you will learn about how to prioritize and how to get an overview of the horoscope, so that it is clear what really counts for the individual in question. This is not so much a cookbook approach, rather an intuitive approach, seeing each horoscope as unique.

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